Affordable Housing

Our Affordable Housing / HUD Services Group is a team specializing in consulting services, portfolio analysis, and strategic financial evaluation of HUD-subsidized or insured properties.

Our Expertise

Comprehensive knowledge of HUD policy and state/federal regulatory requirements impacting the terms under which a property can be sold.

  • Ability to anticipate, troubleshoot and overcome potential regulatory obstacles.
  • Leveraging contacts at HUD and affordable housing policymakers to manufacture support for complicated deals
  • Understanding different HUD mortgage programs and the complexities surrounding prepayment, such as timelines for Federal and State notices or rehab requirements under Section 250(a) and Section 236 Interest subsidy decoupling.
  • Sensitivity to the significance of timing when utilizing regulatory programs and intimate understanding of their impact on value.
  • Exposing affordable properties to the nation's largest network of qualified investors with strong experience in navigating HUD matters.
  • Developing a comprehensive transaction plan and guiding deals to successful closure.

Experienced in virtually all types of Government regulated housing

  • Section 8 Subsidization

  • Tax-Exempt Bond Financing

  • USDA Rural Development

  • Government Insured Debt

  • Low-income Housing Tax Credits

If you currently own a government-regulated property and would like more information on its market potential, contact us today for commitment-free advice and perspective, or if you are currently in search of obtaining affordable properties, please inform us of your investment criteria and current needs.

Jule Solutions

How Our Group's Services Can Facilitate Your Needs?

Given the current climate in the Capital Markets and general uncertainty in the economy, as a whole, now is a good time to reconsider both your short-term and long-term strategies and goals for your real estate portfolio. In spite of the economic difficulties facing all Americans, the Affordable Housing world has remained moderately insulated, and successful transactions are happening in every market. Consistently lowering interest rates have led directly to high property values in this debt-driven environment. Additionally, the benefit of a low capital gains tax rate is expected to end soon. In combining these factors with aggressive buyers, one can argue that all owners of affordable housing should consider portfolio restructuring. There is still time to sell at high values, but this opportunity will not last long.